July 7, 2009

What to do, what to do

A few weeks ago I read the cover interview with Megan Fox in Entertainment Weekly, and decided that she is my worst nightmare. Every answer I read made me more aghast, to the point that I had to read it in two parts (I thought I could put it down forever, but like a bad car accident, it called me back.). She’s foul-mouthed, vaguely trashy and not at all (at least outwardly) appreciative of the fame and fortune that has somehow come upon her. She also loves talking about how hard she is NOT working to be this famous and rich ('If I really buckle down, I think one day I could be a very good actress. But so far, I haven't done anything yet.") which is incredibly off-putting. In summary: As much as two people who will never meet can be, we are total enemies. (I have a feeling I will be getting some serious hate comments for this blog entry. Let's just put this out there right now: I am CLEARLY jealous of Megan Fox. THAT is my issue with her. Not anything else I outlined above. I am ugly, stupid and petty.)

But now, conflict. Because publicity for ‘Jennifer’s Body’ is starting, and there are things that I really like about it:

Good things: I’m into the idea of a horror comedy, because it's very Buffy-esque. This is Diablo Cody’s second movie, after the over-hyped yet somehow still totally wonderful ‘Juno.’ Amanda Seyfried is completely perfect for this role off her ‘Mamma Mia’ and ‘Big Love’ stints. And though Adam Brody and movies did not go so well last time around, I completely love him already (Come on - this is a guy who made Seth Cohen so likable, a measly sidekick role eventually became the series’s main character. Changing the entire arc of a television series? Well played.), and he’s wearing emo eye liner in this.

Can I support three people I like and respect, even if it means getting behind the half-assed work of a girl who likes to talk about her “tiny ass waist” and how she makes other women “feel bad about themselves”? The movie’s not out until September, so I have plenty of time for this internal battle to rage on. Feel free to weigh in.


Emsta said...

OMG I despise Megan Fox. She makes me gag.

Check out her comments in this article - barf!