July 29, 2008

It's definitely a tradition now.

This weekend will make the 4th annual trip up to the ol' Saltbox in Vermont. Some memories:

* The legendary 17 to 6 phenomenon. This marks how on one day - the day the trip began - the roster of attendees dropped from 17 to a lowly 6.
* Sprite - this is the ingredient one local vitner told us he was thinking of adding to his wine to make it taste better. Go for it buck-o.
* Computer Camp - This is what Trevor thought we might be at, as "people" inspected one another's MySpace pages.
* Table dancing. This one I can't explain.
* Jagermeister. Not a good idea.

We've had some good times. We've done some stupid things - like letting Hannah come, me not inviting Nil last year, or boys shooting off fireworks in the middle of a wooded area. And I'm looking forward to this year, which will be heavy on the Wheaton crowd, so I'm hoping for some good-natured fun, intermingling and participation.