February 4, 2010

Man of the Month: February

For most of us, there are certain things we consider "given" in our lives - traits that have been the same for so long, that we don't even think about them anymore. Like, I hate bananas. This is just a fact in my life. But then, you meet someone new who becomes important to you - maybe you start a new job or join a new club/community - and all of a sudden you have to establish those facts about you to someone.

What am I talking about and what on earth does it have to do with Man of the Month? Well, the other day, I had to tell someone how much I love Denzel Washington. This has been a fact in my life for so long, I could hardly come up with articulate reasons for it. I mean, Denzel papered my locker, alongside Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Jonathan Brandis, all through junior high. He is just my go-to Hollywood guy. He's never been Man of the Month before because when Jessica, my old roomate/best friend soul mate, started doing Man of the Month as a college tradition, we had two rules - it had to be someone we could both agree on, and someone who wasn't a given. That meant no Matt Damon (hers) and no Denzel Washington (mine). (It also meant no Seth Green - also mine - but that's neither here nor there).

So, while I don't particularly intend to see his latest, 'Book of Eli,' I do feel like it's only fair to honor Denzel Washington as Man of the Month this February. If you need some articulate reasons, chew on these:

1) He's just plain handsome. There's no other word for it.

2) He met his wife - who he's been married to for 27 years - on the set of his first movie. His children have been drafted by the NFL and attended Ivy League universities.

3) The Oscar he won for 'Training Day' was a make-up for the others that he should have - especially for 'Hurricane.' When you've already won one, should have won a couple more, and then take home a second, that's a sign you're pretty damn talented.

4) Have you seen those Boys & Girls Clubs ads? I mean, come on.


Jezka said...

Excuse me, you forgot bosom friend.

Alissa said...

Oh my god I just cried like a baby at the Boys and Girls Club ad. Thanks for making Friday morning at the office a little more hysterical.

Doug said...

Ok, old man's perspective here. I consider Denzel to be what we used to call "back in the day" a Man's Man. Strong, solid in his convictions, hard working, honest and (very important distinction coming up) --- humble. That wonderful character trait is missing in so many powerful people, it is a shame. This world would be a far, far better place with more men like Denzel Washington in positions of prominence. He should be a role model for all of us in many ways.