March 6, 2010

Oscar Predictions 2010

If you're still keeping up with me here, no doubt you've noticed that I'm somewhat less pop culturally active than I once was. It's true: I've been sometimes busily and sometimes very lazily settling into life as a rural dweller. There isn't a movie theater, bar (that's open more than 3 days a week, that is), or concert venue within 30 miles of here; we've reduced our Netflix subscription to 1-at-a-time, and I'm surrounded by people who've never heard of the CW.

That being said, Trevor & I have done our best to stay current: We're watching 'Party Down' on Netflix, reading all the 'American Idol' recaps, and have seen eight of the ten best picture nominees (Yes, I have been completely irresponsible in terms of movie reviews, but, despite evidence to the contrary, we really have seen 8.). And - to the aghast of the Squirrels Squirrels Squirrels - we're skipping out on our weekly rec volleyball league match tomorrow in favor of the Oscars (Yikes, what if tomorrow is our first victory? Just coincidence, I'm sure.)

First things first: The best movie I saw in 2009 was 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' and - as impressed as I am with Meryl Streep constantly - I'm not so into the imitation-as-artistry form of acting (Yeah, I'm talking to you other Mr. Foxx), and I haven't heard a single one of the nominees for Best Original Song (but, I'm still willing to bet the one from 'Crazy Heart' will win.).

So, here they are, my not-entirely-fearless Oscar predictions:
Best Picture: The Hurt Locker
Best Director: James Cameron
Best Actor: Jeff Bridges
Best Actress: Meryl Streep
Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Waltz
Best Supporting Actress: Mo'nique
Best Original Screenplay: 'Inglorious Basterds'
Best Adapted Screenplay: 'Up in the Air'
Plus, I'm sure that 'Music by Prudence' will totally win Best Documentary Short. Er, right?


Doug said...

For some reason I had not heard of The Fantastic Mr. Fox until right before the Oscars. And what I heard was quite positive. Now that you have declared it your favorite movie of the year, I bet I can get Mom to go see it with me!

Doug said...

P.S. We were at Fred and Gladys's house for dinner last night (recording the Oscars) and didn't get your ballot until this morning! All my picks were 100% correctamundo, though, trust me....Is there a prize? I was very happy that James Cameron lost and Kathryn Bigelow won. I like Sandra Bullock and I liked the movie, but did not think she deserved a best actress nod for that. Half the snooty, snotty, nosy women in country clubs around the country could have played that character without pretending. I did like her acceptance speech, however. Jeff Bridges deserved his win and more, and I love him for the reaction, the gratitude to his parents, the 33 years of marriage, the family values........
I thought that Steve Martin and whatever Baldwin that was were absolutely pitiful. They weren't funny and added absolutely nothing. Bring back Whoopie or Billy Crystal. Shit, bring back Johnny Carson from the cemetary if you have to, but you gotta do better than that duo of aging buffoons. Who wrote that crap for them anyway? It wasn't Tina Fey, that's for sure. I also really liked Kathryn Bigelow's entire acceptance speech very much. And contrary to some comments I heard, I thought the way that the "best" actors and actress nominees were personally introduced by people they were close to was well done. It was special to the nominees and seemed very genuine.