August 29, 2008

Don’t judge me.

With the fall movie season approaching, it’s hard to avoid the hype and previews of all the next big releases. While there are some movies that I’m fully committed to seeing and loving, there’s another category to consider - Movies that I am (or should be) embarrassed to want to see. I’ve broken it down into both upcoming releases and a review of the trusty Netflix queue.

Coming soon to a multiplex near you:

The Accidental Husband – This looks terrible. Uma’s last foray into “romantic” “comedy” was truly painful to watch. I don’t watch or care about Grey’s Anatomy and therefore Denny Duquette does nothing for me. But I am powerless to the pull of Colin Firth as a romantic lead. He’s so uptight and stuffy, but he just wants to be loved. How can you resist?

Eagle Eye – Not typically my type of movie, but this one looks pretty thrilling. And, really, I’m a fan of anything Joe Rogan does – I mean Shia LaBeouf.

The House Bunny – In my defense, this was written and produced by the folks that brought us Legally Blonde, and there’s not a human being between the ages of thirteen and sixty who can tell me they didn’t chuckle at that one. On the other hand - well, it costars Rumer Willis and Katherine McPhee and, um, has been done a million times before. And let’s not forget that Anna Faris was in the aforementioned painful ‘My Super Ex-Girlfriend.’ But still – I can’t wait. Side note – How weird was it that Colin Hanks was a priest on Mad Men a couple weeks ago?

And finally.

This is clearly the motherlode of embarrassment. I don’t know anyone who I could possibly convince to see this with me – and I’m not all that sure I could convince myself to see it in a theatre surrounded by its target audience of 8 year olds. However, the bottle of wines that I shared Parts 1 and 2 with and I got quite a kick out of the singing and the dancing and the adorable ridiculousness of it all. And, come on – the part where Vanessa Hudgens stands up in the bleachers belting out a song about her eternal love (I presume) for Zac Efron? Let's go Wildcats!

As for the Netflix Queue…

Please note: Most of these have been in the queue for over 2 years, dating – approximately – to the time that Trevor & I stopped living with Jessica. I’m willing to bet that I would have already seen these if she & I still lived together!

Coach Carter – I chose this to highlight instead of co-Netflix dwellers The Great Debaters and Glory Road, because Samuel L. Jackson is awesome and he WILL inspire you. Or so I hear.

The Rules of Attraction – James Van Der Beek? Hello?

Le Divorce – Am I the only one that still holds onto the hope that Kate Hudson will stop sucking someday? Maybe Naomi Watts will raise her up in this one – or they might just rest comfortably in mediocrity together.

Tristan & Isolde – Wow, I really wanted to see this in the theatre. That Gavin Degraw music video, the love scenes…hawt. What with my newly reignited, Pineapple Express-inspired love for James Franco, it might finally be time.

Hey, where did all the ones starring Amanda Bynes and Hilary Duff go?? TREVOR!