August 27, 2008

When it rains, it pours.

My company is re-launching its corporate website, and part of the new initiative is weekly marketing blogs. (Note to self: If ever asked about personal blog, ignore, until entry using 'What a hottie' is far enough down.')

The first step for the corporate blog is for each marketer to fill out a biography questionnaire that our senior copywriter will then craft into an introductory bio for our first entry. I just finished mine. What better way to feel young and unqualified than to answer questions about what makes you nimble, quick, fiercely independent and inquisitive without talking solely about pop culture and drinking?

What personality trait and/or talent and/or hobby and/or life experience demonstrates your ability to be quick and nimble? I type the way I talk – very very quickly. This helps ensure that I can do my work, call a client, play Word Twist online, IM, and read Forrester Research all at the same time.

What personality trait and/or talent and/or hobby and/or life experience demonstrates your intellectual or practical impatience? Almost nothing makes me madder than hearing someone say “I don’t read” (don’t get me started on not voting…). First of all – yes, you do. If you mean that you *can’t* read, then fine. But if you know how to read, you do it every day and are constantly absorbing information through words. So don’t be so stubborn about not reading books because you were forced to read high brow literature that you didn’t get in high school. There is something valuable to read and absorb and learn about on every single topic you could possibly be interested in. And, yes, magazines count as reading. Even US Weekly. I guess.

Any major fears or phobias?
Dance clubs.

Favorite thing to do on the weekend?
Go out to eat, try a new beer, spend time outside.

This shows personality, not immaturity, right?

The two topics that I am working on for my real entries are “Marketing Cliches for the Web 2.0 World” and “Is that an ad?” I think it could be really interesting – and I like the idea of having a “professional” blog out there in the interweb, but I’m also pretty nervous about being even a part of the face of the company. We are supposed to:

• Write from the heart.
• Be insanely useful.
• Keep the reader’s problems in mind
• Write with a tone that is upbeat and on strategy, reflecting that we are an agency on the cusp of what’s next, forward-thinking and strategic.

But no pressure.