November 11, 2008

Is it time yet?

Enough with talk about the real election (AKA: I need to stop crying from all the inspirational stories). Let’s talk about the second most important election in the land – AMERICAN IDOL!

I’ve just read that Kristy Lee Cook – also known as the talentless doppelganger to Leanne Rimes who pandered to millions of Americans by singing, I kid you not, “God Bless the USA” one week – has an album that debuted at #8 on the Billboard Country charts. This is sad enough news to begin with, but how about the fact that, count 'em: Brooke White (Okay, don’t actually care), Michael Johns (If not for that ascot, I’d care more ), Jason Castro (Care so much!) and Carly Smithson (WHAT?!) are still without record deals. This is mindblowing and absurd.

This tiny bit of Idol information has me jonesin’ for next season, which can’t come soon enough. The 2-part season premiere starts January 13, but that’s going to be more humiliation and annoyance than anything else. It will be weeks before we get to the good stuff (Read: The Top 12). In the meantime, beyond the travesty outlined above, let’s review where we can get our American Idol fix:

I’ll keep up the research and let you know of other healthy AI-alternatives to occupy your time over the next few weeks.

And finally, please remember that next year’s AI will bring us a 4th judge! Jessica wagers that she will go before Randy, so as to split up the female quotient (I think my math metaphors need work.). Will she be like Randy - bedazzled and prone to mood swings? Will she be an iridescent incandescent rainbow of love like Paula? Will she try to out-criticize Simon to prove she belongs? We’ll just have to wait and see, but I’m betting she'll be more Nina Garcia than Mary What’s-Her-Face from ‘So You Think You Can Dance’.

What else is there to look forward to next year?


GriotLori said...

Melinda-fans, her Street Team has just posted a beginning list of radio stations that have her single, It's Your Love. Go to their MySpace page or their Street Team website ( for the list, but please no spamming (in other words - don't be a pest)! We want all of our Idols to have a chance on the charts, so let's make it easier by calling only once a week until the song makes the rotation. And don't forget to pre-order her debut CD, Coming Back To You, on and

I share your outrage over Carly and Jason. Surely some indie labels could help them come to market. But I guess the economy is again squeezing out the little guy (and girl).

Thanks for the updates, Ashley!

Larry said...

Kristy has a great voice, to think not is to show your ignorance for music. People who are so quick to put others down without knowing facts should just keep quiet. Her song "Coat of Many Colors, Anyway, and Forever" were great. I bought all of them. What has she done to any of you bashers besides show charisma, good looks, talent, and a great personality which obviously you don't have.. In one word "Jealousy"

alissa said...

ASHLEY! that first link should come with a warning. i know you mentioned crying but for pete's sake, you jump right from that story to AI like it's not that big a deal. i feel like i just watched the notebook!