November 17, 2008

Movie Reviews: Chick Flick Friday

As we all know, sometimes you just need a day where you do nothing but lounge around and watch terrible movies. In fact, there’s an entire subset of my Netflix queue devoted to the anticipation of days like these (Come to think of it, there’s an entire subset of our collective DVD collection devoted to this as well…). Let me recommend this fantastic double feature: 'Made of Honor' & 'What Happens in Vegas.'

'Made of Honor' has all the staples of a classic romantic comedy including: a male/female friendship that everyone else knows is supposed to be so much more, a fairy tale wedding (with some awesome traditions), and drunk bridesmaids. As a bonus, it also features Patrick Dempsey whispering through a door, which takes me back to Meredith’s and my childhood obsession with ‘Can’t Buy Me Love.’ Bonus points for also featuring insanely adorable dresses and the always-underutilized Busy Philips. It didn’t do anything revolutionary, but it was a decently acted jaunt into the world of unrealistic careers and romantic outcomes. 6.75 Twix bars!

Next up, 'What Happens in Vegas.' I had actually really wanted to see this in the theatre, but after reading the mediocre to awful reviews, I just never quite got around to it. As Sarah so adeptly pointed out, Cameron Diaz walks a pretty fine line between endearing and aggravating, so this movie really could have gone either way. But other than the fact that Ashton Kutcher’s hair was distractingly bad, this movie was much better than I would have thought. It also featured a laundry list of Romantic Comedy musts, like bickering best friends, montages, and the revelation that someone who you barely know can see exactly who you are (and, maybe, just maybe – love you for it!), and it also had a healthy dose of gross-out humor. I’ll give this one a hefty 7.25 Twix bars, because, let's be honest - you just can't go wrong with a Queen Latifah bit part.