November 20, 2008

Play the Game

Need more American Idol trivia? Take a stab at the quiz below – Are each of the following contestant’s currently MARRIED or SINGLE? Highlight next to the contestant’s name to reveal the answer.

Kellie Pickler – SINGLE
Taylor Hicks – SINGLE
Josh Gracin – MARRIED (He also has 4 kids!)
Ruben Stoddard - MARRIED
Kevin Covais – SINGLE
Mandisa – SINGLE
Katherine McPhee – MARRIED (Kellie Pickler was a bridesmaid!)
LaKisha Jones – MARRIED
Haley Scarnato – SINGLE
Bucky Covington – SINGLE (Bucky got divorced in 2007. Sad. Not sad, but amazing: His real name is William Joel Covington III.)
Amanda Overmyer – MARRIED
Diana DeGarmo – SINGLE (How can she still only be 21?)
Chris Sligh – MARRIED

Best of luck to you [Dwight]!