May 20, 2009

Final thoughts on American Idol

I didn’t vote for an ‘American Idol’ last night. Actually, now that I think about it, in all the years I’ve been watching ‘American Idol,’ I don’t think I’ve ever voted in the final round, either because of apathy (Cook v. Archuleta), anger (Hicks v. McPhee) or honeymoon (Sparks v. Lewis). This year, it’s none of those things (But if you want to go to Costa Rica right now, just let me know). Kris and Adam are the only two contestants I voted for all year, and I really like both of them, but it’s like I spent so much energy as of late lamenting the presence of Danny Gokey that now that he’s finally gone, my passion has subsided.

First, about Kris Allen. With that face, and his ability to knock it out of the park with unexpected takes on well-known songs, he’s like Jason Castro 2.0. Smart choices like ‘Falling Slowly’ got him here, and his music could be insanely popular in the acoustic pop/college rock vein, like a Jason Mraz + Dispatch combo (So, no, I won’t be buying his CD.). I want him to win because all the way up through last night, the judges refuse to acknowledge that he has been a solid front-runner the entire competition. I’m not sure why they refuse to get behind him (even when they’re supportive it’s with some caveat, comparing him to others, or calling him a dark horse, when in reality he was in the bottom three, what, once?), but I think it has something to do with the fact he wasn’t featured excessively in any of the audition or Hollywood Week footage. How did the public know to like him, without being told to do so?? Kris Allen winning proves that voters are in fact in charge here. And, like I said, that face. Come on.

On the other hand, I wholeheartedly believe that Adam Lambert is the most talented contestant that’s ever been on this show. Period. Seriously, enough with the claims that he's somehow "made" it already because he's in the traveling cast of a musical. First off, that's hardly the big-time. And secondly, training and ambition do not make an undeserving contestant. I don’t want to make a habit out of quoting Randy Jackson, but he could literally sing the phone book. He really went on this ‘Idol’ journey, rocking our pants off one week with soaring high notes and crazy glam outfits, and then reeling it way back, and making incredibly soft songs powerful - still in the crazy glam outfits, of course. I have no idea what kind of music he would make, (Trevor thinks he’s like Meatloaf – and that could work. Jessica thinks he’s like Queen - I’m not sure that would.), but Adam Lambert winning proves that America can handle a challenging contestant.

I think what I'm saying here is that we're all winners. What do you think? Do you vote for 'American Idol'? Or, are you just excited that the finale means this blog can go back to talking about other things?


Anonymous said...

Dear R2TGB,

I didn't see a single AI episode this season. To get a feel for KAllen and ALambert, could you recommend one performance by each that I could YouTube?

Not an Optimal Television Viewer

Ashley said...

Dear Not Optimal, In addition to the ones I included in the blog entry - Heartless (Allen) & Mad World (Lambert) - I'd check out Kris's Falling Slowly and Adam's Black & White. Let me know what you think!

My Irish is Up said...

I couldn't agree more -- I was happy to see Chris win but have to say Adam is likely to have the bigger career - not that that really matters. Seems to me they are both fully in charge of their persons and have tons of upside. That said, I see Adam as an amalgam of Roy Orbison, K.D. Lang and Meatloaf. All of whom are fabulous in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

From my perspective, they both look like two quality competitors - with far more depth and versatility than last year's David Squared ("David Squares"). Speaking of which, I know that bromances are "in" and all, but where are the AI women?

Thanks for your dutiful reporting.