May 5, 2009

Worlds collide.

There was some messy basketball played last night. I'm not worried about the Lakers. They beat the Rockets in all 4 of their regular season meetings; no way will they lose to them 4 times in the playoffs. I am, however, worried about the Celtics. How do they expect to win with the Temp as their point guard?

Seriously, how did I never notice before how much Rajon Rondo looks like Ryan "The Temp" Howard from 'The Office'? It's especially apparent in interviews - the way they both always seem a little bit worried with those puppy dog eyes, but also a better-than-you attitude? It's almost distracting.

(Dear Google Images: No, when searching for "Rajon Rondo," I did not actually mean to search for "Rajon Rondo girlfriend." I'm good, thanks. Love, Ashley)

Maybe I'm just watching too much TV & basketball. But doesn't JJ Reddick also look weirdly like Penn Badgley from 'Gossip Girl'? (Possibly because Dan Humphrey is constantly making this raised-eyebrow face):

And, finally: Thanks to the Google Ad placed on Rajon Rondo's YouTube channel, I just made the terrifying discovery that you can get NBA-branded Crocs:

Note to everyone, everywhere: I do not want these.


My Irish is Up said...

Darn, now I don't know what to get you for your birthday! Love, Daddy