September 24, 2008

I have a bone to pick.

I have largely moved beyond my Disney Channel phase - though, to be honest, I will never fully move on from this:

But beyond that (and my tiny fascination with 'High School Musical'), I really have no clue about anything going on there lately, and that includes 'Hannah Montana', besides the obvious fact that Miley Cyrus is on it. I didn't even know that my mom's early-90s boyfriend Billy Ray Cyrus was also on it until some Wikipedia research for this very blog post (Pst, Billy Ray, please stop highlighting your hair - it is the opposite of hot country heartthrob. Please refer to Brad Paisley for better guidance.)

So, I was pretty aghast today to learn that a main character on 'Hannah Montana' is named Jake Ryan. Jake. Ryan. Also known as The Boy Molly Ringwald Loves in 'Sixteen Candles.' As if I need to tell you that.

I have a hard time buying that this is a coincidence (I mean, it's like: Ferris Bueller, Marty McFly, Maverick, Jake Ryan, right?), So, is it a tribute? Or is this some kind of conspiracy? I was so traumatized when I Googled "Jake Ryan" to see these results juxtaposed:

It's as if they are trying to create a second generation of girls obsessed with a character named Jake Ryan and somehow usurp the power of the 80s by making them swoon over the wrong one! Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong.