September 12, 2008

It won’t be the fur trade.

When in Hawaii, Jill & I had a nice conversation on the way to the airport about jobs – careers, salaries, job satisfaction and resume holes. Jill has a Master’s degree and works in emergency planning for the City of San Francisco, in a job that she really likes. She is also a certified yoga instructor, and she said she thinks it's really important to have a "trade" - whether as something to fall back on, break up the monotony with, or complement your fullblown career. Like I’ve said before, I really admire/respect Jill, and that got me thinking about my options.

So, I ask you – what should my trade be?
A. Bartender. Pro: Flexible hours. Con: Is there anything more annoying than drunk people when you’re sober?
B. Massage therapist. I imagine that training for this would involve a lot of student-on-student practicing, and I am totally good with that.
C. Pastry Chef. The whole vegetarian thing pretty much eliminates me from future contention as an Iron Chef, but I’ve always liked dessert better than the main course anyway.
D. Court reporter: On the plus side, I’d be very informed about civic happenings. On the negative side, I’d probably have to wear a herringbone blazer with shoulderpads in order to fit in.
E. Hair dresser. I’d have to spend a lot of time on my feet, but I could sleep in every day.
I will now Google “trade school” and see what else I can come up with.