September 8, 2008

Reflections on a zip code…

Firstly – let’s keep in mind that the original Beverly Hills 90210 was hilarious. Drama-filled, lesson-laden and California/high school myth-perpetuating, but mostly campy and hilarious. Not a serious television show that earned Emmys and critical acclaim. So let’s all get off our high horses.

Moving on – I could use a refresher or two.

1. Was Nat on BH90 (This is how I will now insist on referring to the original, as the previously-hated “90” moniker is also applicable to the current.) until the very end?

2. Sure, Brenda left to pursue her drama career in London, but how did it end with her and Kelly?

3. Are we really supposed to believe that Kelly’s kid is Brandon’s? Because last I checked, they didn’t get married, and she was being set up to head toward forever with Dylan.

4. I’d like to get into the Rob Estes connection – I understand completely that they are giving him a fake history with Kelly, but what was his character’s deal on Melrose Place? Because let’s not forget that was originally a BH90 spin-off from Grant Show being all sexy construction guy in Kelly’s backyard…

As far as actual plot –

- Could Rob Estes & Lori Louglin actually have a 15-year old daughter? Could said 15-year old daughter actually look any more like Lori Loughlin?

- Please tell me they’re not setting us up for Ryan-the-English teacher to be the given-up-for-adoption love child of bitch-popular-girl’s mom and Rob Estes’s principal character.

- A high school could never do Spring Awakening (Sample songs: Totally F*****, B**** of Living, My Junk, Word of Your Body). And please don’t sing anymore. (PS: Your new love interest – A drama nerd? Really?)

- I’m just not sure that both druggie artsy yet popular girl AND formerly popular rebel blogger girl are necessary (Side note: I love that her blogs are just like David Silver and his ridiculous radio shows.)

And PS: EW, please don’t call Ryan Eggold a hottie. It makes me very uncomfortable. And while we’re at it, are you really not going to do a TV Watch recap? Burmpt.