September 18, 2008

Movie Review: Paris Je T’aime

The way that ‘Amelie’ tells a grounded, meaningful story while lightly floating across your screen, this quilt of vignettes devoted to different neighborhoods and relationships throughout Paris pieces together to become something truly moving.

A number of different directors and actors demonstrate love in all forms and stages. My favorite vignettes were the one about the African man who had been stabbed, the man re-falling in love with his wife as she dies of cancer, and the mom who has to leave her baby in childcare so she can ride far far across town to care for someone else’s.

The directors succeed in telling one coherent story about the presence and significance of Love – both the Big love of your life, and the Everyday love you take for granted – and they do it without becoming gooey. The New York version is coming out next year – if it comes close to matching the depth and emotion of this one, I’ll be the first in line.