September 19, 2008

Rich man, poor man.

I’ve been watching a lot of TV recently. What with season premieres and all sorts of free downloads on iTunes, there’s a lot to catch up on. But everywhere I look, I see something I’ve seen before (and I’m not just talking about recycled plotlines) – I’m talking about new actors/actresses who are like the Poor Man versions of some more famous faces.

From 'Fringe':

This is not just an excuse for more Joshua Jackson. Poor Man’s Cate Blanchett, no?

From '90210':

A Very Poor Man’s Elizabeth Berkeley. Except with less acting chops.

From 'Lipstick Jungle':

A Poor Man’s Scott Speedman

*Actually, Scott Speedman – recently seen in such critical delights as 'Underworld' – might be the Poor Man version of himself. Because this guy is kind of hot.

** I was going to put the Andrew McCarthy doppelganger next, but upon further review – the guy isn’t just someone who looks like an Andrew McCarthy who aged really badly and got a totally different voice – its actually him.

Blane, what happened?