October 8, 2008

Blowing my mind

I LOVE Queen Latifah. Like, I want to go on girl-dates with her and drink beer and paint our nails and talk about how awesome Steve Martin is, even though that movie they were in was terrible, and how awesome Jimmy Fallon is, even though that movie they were in was terrible, and about how awesome LL Cool J is, even though that movie they were in was terrible, etc.

But seriously, Queen Latifah is a black, overweight woman who is massively successful worldwide musically, comedically and dramatically. She is world-renowned for her beauty, and not in a plus-size kind of exception way. She is amazing and hilarious and on my top 10 of people I would like to meet because I am completely sure that she is that great in person too (As opposed to say, Christian Bale, who I feel like I would meet and then hate and would that ruin ‘Newsies’ forever?).

Okay, with me so far?

I have been avoiding mentioning this, because I don’t want to be a name dropper. It can no longer be helped.

That guy? In the back? Is Ryan Eggold, the guy from the new, not-too-great [YET] ‘90210.’ And we went to high school together (We did drama together. A lot. In fact, my first kiss came in stage-form from him. Just putting it out there.). Anyway. I have not spoken to him in 5+ years, and it has been beyond weird watching him get marginally famous. In fact, I kind of wish that we hadn’t been friends, because I am literally only continuing to watch this new '90210' to be supportive.

But I’m wondering if he would like to reconnect so that he can take me to events where Queen Latifah is. I promise to be on my best behavior and never embarrass him, even while guzzling the free champagne (because there’s always free champagne, right?).

Okay Ryan, so here we go. I would like to meet the following:

1. Queen Latifah (Please tell me you interacted with her.)
2. Will Smith (He was probably there too, wasn’t he??)
3. Seth Green (It's not that big of a stretch - He & Peter Facinelli, Mr. Jennie Garth, must stay in touch, right?)
4. Any member of the cast of ‘The Office’ (Roy does not count.)
5. John Cusack (I can provide my own boombox.)
6. Ellen Degeneres (I love her so much, I don't even have anything sarcastic to say.)
7. Natalie Portman (We could talk about Boston and vegetarianism and being really short!)
8. Alyson Hannigan (Please don’t be with Wesley, please don’t be with Wesley.)
9. Neil Patrick Harris (Preferably not the ‘Harold & Kumar’ version-of-himself.)
10. Hilary Duff (We could totally sing Blondie together.)

If you can make this happen, just let me know.

XOXO (I will not even talk about how that show is so much better than yours. Actually, maybe you could get a crossover role - If they ever actually go to class, they'll totally need teachers.),