October 30, 2008


Have I mentioned before how important it is to me that every human being in this country votes? It is in the Top 3 things of 'What I Care About' - it's like: Family, Friends, People Voting. Seriously.

Here are three videos about that very subject - don't worry, they're totally pop culture related:

Apparently TI has a song called 'Whatever You Like' - These kids turned it into a song about voting 'however you like'. Sample lyrics: Obama on the left/McCain on the right/We can talk politics all night/And you can vote however you like/You can vote however you like, yeah.

Here's an interview with some of the kids - really inspirational stuff from a group of 6th & 7th graders:

Celebrities get involved! A lot of them - probably one for each member of the alphabet: Ashton, Benicio, Courtney Cox, Demi, Ellen...I really could keep going...

Make sure to watch from at least 2:10 on with this one:


Sarah said...

Find one for "X" and "Z"! I will be SO amazed.