October 6, 2008

Movie review: Melinda & Melinda

I wish that I had experienced film before Woody Allen. Because as a somewhat aficionado of the romantic comedy genre who just happens to be born in the 1980s, I have never known a world where Allen’s “revolutionary” take on the man/woman relationship/psyche wasn’t repeated in every other movie that comes out. Think: Dialogue fit for the stage, including rambling monologues, drives to the Hamptons and a tangled web of urban-dwelling friends and their sexual forays.

So it’s from this perspective that I found 'Melinda & Melinda' perfectly enjoyable, if not just a tad tired. The script could have been written in 1970, Melinda could have been played by Diane Keaton and Will Ferrell was 100% channeling every sex-crazed, neurotic character Woody Allen has ever played. Even the clever ploy to show 2 sides of the same story felt fresher in ‘Sliding Doors.’ All that, combined with the forced narration via pretentious New York artistes in the form of Wallace Shawn, et al – it just felt so done. (Side note: It’s this very feeling that had me really hoping that Allen’s ‘Match Point‘ would be as breathtaking as critics would have had you think a couple of years back. Was he finally going to try something new?? But, he didn’t – he made the same movie, just with creepier music.).

So, eh. I think I’ll stick with ‘Annie Hall.’ 6.75/10 Twix bars.