October 1, 2008

Man of the Month: October

Wow, I had a hard time choosing a Man of the Month this time.
In honor of the MLB playoffs starting and the awesome fact that the Angels are totally going to break their god-awful postseries record versus the Red Sox: Should I choose Garrett Anderson, who I loooove?
But I’ve also lo[ooo]ved him since I was 12, and that kind of creeps me out.

The Office is back. I love you, Jim.
But I’m a little worried about your motivation for the Big Thing That Happened Last Week (Spoiler at the end of that link).
I would love to honor one Mr. Tim Riggins, as his show - among the best on television - is returning to air, and that’s a big deal.
But I won’t get to see it until January, and that’s too sad to draw attention to. Seriously, who even has DirectTV?

Ed Westwick. Oh Charles Trout. How can I not admire your penchant for ascots and shorts? But it’s really the fact that you’re actually British and were totally in the 'Son of Rambow' that has you in contention here.

But, I’m just not sure it’s enough – your eyebrows are out of control, and your storyline on Monday was lame-O.

In my attempt to think about a non-TV contender for MotM, I ran through my less-than-stellar recent movie viewing record and remembered the theater-wide swoon that came out when this came onto the screen during 'The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.'Seriously. Wow. But, dagnammit, he has been on 'Greek' this season, and can never really overtake Cappy in my heart.
So instead of awarding any of the above (All of whom have something to prove over the next month – they don’t need the extra pressure), I would like to acknowledge someone who’s really been there for me over the years.

This one’s for you, Taye Diggs – Because ‘Rent’ is closing on Broadway, because this was amazing...

...because your successful (?) show is returning to TV, you & Idina Mendzel are really adorable and because sometimes it hurts to look at you because you’re so pretty.


alissa said...

oh my ashley. i'm so glad you blog. i rented "how stella got her groove back" this summer and i must say, for all the reasons you listed and more, taye diggs truly deserves to be man of the month. you just made my day. =)

alissa said...

also: yes, laaaaame chuck plot this week. you'd think dan and chuck would have a little more friction than that, and you'd think chuck would have a few more layers of diabolical tough guy to get through. i really think that storyline, if done right, could have gone on for a few episodes at least, but from the moment chuck said "you're lucky i'm bored," i was too.