December 16, 2008

Going cuckoo, part 2

As I sat awake at 3AM this morning (1 part crazy cat, 2 parts hacking cough), I found myself thinking about 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest' again and realized that I hadn’t mentioned the Chief at all in my oh-so-thorough analysis. Considering what a major role he takes on by the end of the film, it’s interesting he was so easy to forget, and I’ll posit that this is because he’s the part of the movie that does feel dated.

SPOILER ALERT. Highlight to continue reading.

The Chief would rather kill his friend, than watch him live a life dictated by “the man” – Then, he literally breaks out of the mental institution, which, in 1963, with its manipulation of Billy and RP’s lobotomy, represents the 50s mentality and rigidity that the later 60s rebelled against.

I get it and it’s done well, with the sweeping cinematography and score – it’s all just a bit too literal for me. This part, and a general underwhelmed feeling about the actor plaeing Nurse Ratchet would represent the minus 1.5 Twix bars I mentioned before.

And, no, I had not recognized Billy from 'Lord of the Rings', but now that I just Google imaged it, I have a feeling when I'm up at 3AM tomorrow morning, it will be because of nightmares.