December 3, 2008

The Office Drinking Game

After a full day out and about on Saturday eating and drinking our way through Cambridge, Trevor & I settled in for a game that’s sure to become a tradition (Though, perhaps not always with homebrew and leftover pumpkin beer – we watch The Office so often, that could get us into dangerous territory. Sometimes it will just have to be played with water.) – The Office Drinking Game.

Take 1 sip of your drink every time:
  • Michael messes up a cliché
  • Stanley is doing a crossword puzzle
  • Jim and Pam have a silent connection
  • Someone’s on the phone
  • Michael hates Toby
  • You spot Froggy 101
  • Kelly tells a lie
  • There’s action in the “annex”
  • There’s tell of Michael’s crush on Ryan
  • You spot someone from non-Dunder Mifflin offices in Scranton Business Park (EX: Bob Vance)
  • There’s a scene in the parking lot
  • Other Scranton businesses are mentioned (EX: Poor Richard’s)
  • Corporate is on the phone
  • There’s mention of other Dunder Mifflin branches (Do this one at your own risk during Season 3)
  • The word “paper” is mentioned.
  • Someone is spotted doing their job well
  • Angela mentions that she’s a vegetarian
  • You spot Darryl
  • A pop song is mentioned/sung
  • There’s an argument within the accounting department
  • You see Pam’s artwork
What’s missing? Chime in here.