December 9, 2008

Queue me.

I always wished that Netflix would tell you what movies you had rented through them – you get recommendations based on movies you rate, but those can be movies you saw in the theater, outside of your Netflix subscription, etc. What if I need to remember what season of 'Gilmore Girls' we left off on?

Well, I did some more digging this morning – and you can do this. Really easily! It’s just right there in your account under Rental Activity (I think that I will just insist that this option has NOT always been there). Did you know that I have been a Netflix member since May 2004? And that the first movies that [Jessica and] I rented were: ‘Chasing Liberty’ (which I rated 4/5 stars), ‘Honey’ and ‘Pieces of April’, followed immediately by the miniseries version of ‘Pride and Prejudice’? We’re awesome.

Next up: Figuring out how to get this list easily readable in Excel, so I can report on such exciting factoids as: highest & lowest rated films, films held onto for the longest and longest gap between sequential TV series discs.