February 12, 2009

Idle Idols

It’s omnipresent and has barely gotten started, but if you don’t want any information about 'American Idol'’s newly-announced Top 36, don’t read any further.

‘American Idol’ is many things, To go with the “A” theme from last night (By my count, 7 contestants who advanced have a first name that starts with A), let’s go with addictive and aggravating for today. Let’s review.

Judges send Jamar Rogers home (No, the video isn't supposed to move - it's just audio. Pickin's are slim on YouTube right now):

And decide to keep Norman Gentle/Nick Mitchell:

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised – this is a show that let a debacle like Sanjaya get into the Top 8. And here I was about to be reassured that the decisions going forward are now up to the public (I'm talking to you Tatiana - she of the singing over the judges and ridiculous laugh. Really, they’re going to let that girl on live TV?).

In any case, I suppose I can let go of Jamar as we get ready to go into live performances. I feel like the girls are pretty weak this year! My early favorite is Adam Lambert. The judges - except Paula - aren't sure about him yet, but he had me at 'Wicked.'

PS: Brent Keith, you look way too much like Spencer Pratt - I'm not sure I'll be able to get over that.