February 3, 2009

Man of the Month: February

Coming up with Man of the Month this time around was harder than usual (Or maybe it’s just the fact I’m not sure anyone should have to live up to a title previously held by Obama – but good luck with that Patrick Quinn). To get around the brain block, I've decided to break out of the mold a bit and honor the pop culture entity taking up the most of my time over the last month. I speak, of course, of 'Lost' (And by of course, I mean: Trevor and I spent one rapid fire week watching all of Season 4 on DVD before the new premiere two weeks ago. I’ve blogged twice about it already - and just imagine all the questions I left out of those blogs - and I’ve read more theories and missives over the last two weeks than during the previous 4 years combined.)

How convenient that this obsession comes fully equipped with totally qualified Man of the Month material! Some short love letters to the Men of Lost (And, yes, these are in order of Love - and, though they are wrapped in sarcasm, please be warned that SPOILERS may be contained):

Sayid – You kick so much ass, I have forgiven you for sleeping with Shannon during Season 2. I also loved you in ‘Bride and Prejudice.’

Sawyer – I'm still not entirely sure why you insisted you wanted to stay on the Island, then got on the helicopter to leave, then had the Most Dramatic Exit Ever...but you can call me Freckles anytime. Please don’t hook up with Juliette.

Jack – If you would just get over yourself, everything would be just fine. But you perfected screwed up leader so well in your 'Party of Five' years, and I love you for it.

Charlie – I’m sorry you had to leave us. Thank heavens you’re kind of a ghost now. I’d miss your hoodie, accent and short man overcompensation.

Desmond – Oh, Desmond. You have a chance for happiness. Why must you screw it up by reaching out to Widmore?

Jin – What progress you made as a character. I haven’t given up hope on you yet.

Daniel Faraday – I don’t know how I feel about you yet, but you are kind of adorable when you get all jittery. I hated that part last week though when you confessed your love for Charlotte though. Let’s consider you half-Man of the Month.

Yes, this is a Man of the Month first - not only recognizing multiple people at a time, but also doing so with characters. Back to real life next month y'all.


Imagined Therefore Limitless said...

i didn't read much of your post (because you are awesome about spoiler warnings and i am WICKED behind on lost) but oh, sayid. how dreamy you are.

ps, can we get together soon and watch some wonderfalls? perhaps sas can be reached on one of her 80 phones to join us?