February 5, 2009

Mashups are awesome.

Last night, Trevor said to me, “Remember when Michael ran over Meredith with her car and Creed listed all the pain killers she might be on?”. Because we had just finished watching ‘Lost’, the first thing that flashed to mind was “What? Who’s Meredith? I don’t remember that episode! Why am I so incapable of keeping track of everything that happens on that damn show??”. He was actually speaking, of course, of ‘The Office’ episode where Steve Carell’s Michael Scott hits one of his employees with his car in the parking lot.

Though initially confusing, this gave me an awesome idea for someone with time on their hands and Final Cut Pro on their computer. Please create a mashup where plot lines jump from 1 television series to another according to character name.

Let’s say we start with Michael from ‘Lost’ – the perfect scene would be when he gets in his car and starts speeding towards a wall. Before he hits the wall, we cut to Michael from ‘The Office’ announcing that he hit Meredith with his car. Now we’re in ‘Office’ land and the possibilities are almost endless:

Michael from The Office - Kevin from The Office - Kevin from Wonder Years - Jack from The Wonder Years - Jack from 30 Rock - Jack from Lost - Rose from Lost - Rose from Privileged - Lily from Privileged - Lily from How I Met Your Mother - Lily from Gossip Girl - Lily from Pushing Daisies - Chuck from Pushing Daisies - Chuck from Chuck - Chuck from Gossip Girl - Nate from Gossip Girl - Nate from Six Feet Under - Keith from Six Feet Under - Keith from Veronica Mars - Logan from Veronica Mars - Logan from Gilmore Girls - Luke – From Gilmore Girls - Luke from The OC - Ryan from The OC - Ryan from The Office…

From there, you could keep going (I didn’t even get to the Barney from How I Met Your Mother / Barney the Dinosaur connection!), or you are back at the beginning. It’s like a bizarre version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon – and it might become my new obsession.

Please note that today I have been having massive computer issues here at work – it appears I contracted some kind of virus. So, while I’ve been working on this entry – which clearly required a significant amount of time searching for and then playing around with images – I have been in a constant state of panic that the IT guy would actually respond to my plea for help and then walk in: “Yeah, it's the weirdest thing - it must be one of the side effects of the virus. Pictures of the cast of Gossip Girl just keep popping up!”