February 19, 2009

M is for merry

Praise be, spring must be on the way, because concert season is kicking off. Last night, we took in M. Ward at the Somerville Theater. His new album just came out on Tuesday, and it was the first time I’ve caught the first show of a tour – pretty awesome. He even played a She & Him song.

There were 2 problems though, neither of which was the fault of M. Ward, his great band and the fantastic show they put on.

#1 – I started listening to M. Ward right around the time I started listening to Jay Farrar. So I kept expecting him to bust out into my favorite Jay Farrar song, “California”, even when totally conscious of the fact that I was thinking of the WRONG PERSON.

#2 – I have very bad eye sight. Even with contacts/glasses, I have a hard time identifying anything far away. I don’t mean to ignore you, I just can’t see you. Because of this, I always find myself at concerts trying to figure out what the people on stage actually look like, based on the sort of fuzzy outline I have. By the end of the encore, I had it. And, after doing some Google Image research into what M. Ward actually looks like this morning, I was pleased to see that the equation I came up with in my head was pretty correct: It’s simple really:

Mark Ruffalo

Wayne Coyne

Zach Braff

M. Ward

I mean, right?

Check out some M. Ward and She & Him for yourself in this mini-incarnation of a Social Media Experiment:

Tomorrow night, we’re hitting up Delta Spirit at the Middle East, awesome because Trevor & Hundred Years War played with them a few months back, and because they recorded their [very good] album in Julian, California (that’d be the town where Trevor and I met and got married).