April 7, 2009

Cheers to that

Ever notice how repetitive ‘American Idol’ can get? How could you not? Use the predictability to your benefit with this totally non-sanctioned, not-patented American Idol drinking game:
  • Drink at any mention of a past ‘American Idol’ contestant.
  • Take 2 drinks at the mention of a past ‘American Idol’ winner.
  • Drink when a judge says the words “I like you” during his/her critique.
  • Drink when Ryan is shown in the audience.
  • Take a half-drink when Paula gives someone a standing ovation.
  • Drink when Simon critiques someone’s outfit.
  • Drink when the mentor is shown live in the audience.
  • Drink when someone is called the best of the night.
  • Drink when a contestant plays an instrument.
  • Drink when a contestant is placed on the stage in a somehow unique way (On the ground, in the crowd, etc.).
  • Drink when a contestant’s family and loved ones are shown.
  • Take a half-drink when song choice is critiqued.
  • Drink any time Ryan tries to incite a fight between Simon & Paula or Simon & himself.
  • Drink when you see a fan-made sign.
  • Drink again when a fan-made sign has a pun on it.
  • Drink when Randy mentions one of the “greats” – Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, etc.
  • Drink every time the words “this competition” are said.
  • Drink every time some kind of promotion or sponsorship is mentioned (iTunes, Ford, etc.)
We’ve never ever officially done the drinking game throughout a whole show of ‘American Idol’ – we’re often too busy recognizing other rules to add to the list – so this might need some tweaking to make it weeknight appropriate. But if nothing else, this can be used as a handy distraction to make Kara slightly more tolerable… Have fun!


Anonymous said...

You should add: take a drink every time Simon and Paula touch each other. :D
Better make that half-drink cause they don't seem to be physically able to keep their hands off each other... otherwise we will all be passed-out drunk within the first 3.5 minutes.

Kato said...

I've watched one or two nights this season, but that was enough to know you'll be smashed ten minutes in!

My Irish is Up said...

Better yet, make the judges take the drinks; that might make the whole thing more entertaining. And add a drink for every time Randy says "dog" or "listen up."