April 24, 2009

I've been ruined

Typically, I don't "do" scary movies. Last summer I made an exception and went to see 'The Ruins,' because I'd read the book and felt prepared. There's a reason I typically avoid teen horror flicks - the movie was awful. But even worse than the serious creative liberties it took with the book's plot, it also gave me audio-visual context around some - for lack of a better term - pretty scary sh*t.

The book's about a group of friends who go to find a missing friend-of-a-friend at some off-the-beaten path ruins in the Mexican jungle. They wind up trapped there, because the ruins are controlled by and covered with an evil plant. Yes, it's ridiculous. But, see, the plant is smart, and it plays mind tricks with its new inhabitants. Like, imitating their voices so they fight and break down, or mimicking the sound of a cell phone to lure them down a well. And that really doesn't end well - please reference semi-painful movie clip here.

Why am I bringing this up now? Because the plants also imitate birds - I can't quite remember for what reason - and as I walked to the bus stop this morning, noting how spring is really here, with the sun shining, trees blooming and flip flops everywhere, I realized that I no longer get any pleasure from the sound of birds chirping.


Alissa said...

Oh man. This is why I don't see horror movies either. Unless they are low budget-cheesy to the point of being comical. The last scary movie I watched was The Passion of the Christ. I had to sleep with the lights on for a couple of nights. I can't even watched trailers. I saw half of the trailer for The Omen (the new one) and I still sometimes get freaked out by it.

My Irish is Up said...

I bet you those were computer generated bird sounds, Ashley. Keep saying that to yourself over and over until you can once again enjoy REAL birds who chirp and SING! BTW, I think your aversion to scary movies may be genetic.........