January 29, 2009

Get lost

Let’s talk about 'Lost'. (Again – if you are anywhere that’s not up-to-date, this is your spoiler alert.)

What a mediocre episode, huh? Actually, scratch that – what a mediocre first half of an episode, rescued by an amazing reveal. Well hello there, young overzealous Island-resident-who’s-not-Dharma-but-not-yet-Hostile, Charles Widmore!

This episode, ‘Jughead’ (which we saw etched on the side of the H-bomb that’s taken up residence on the island in 1954, courtesy of – gasp! – the US military) asked a lot of its loyal fan base, by focusing on all new characters (even Desmond isn’t an original beachie, and when the only original character being focused on is John Locke, you know you’ve got a problem.) and, more importantly, all new mythology. The producers aren’t leaving any room for doubt – this year is all about the time travel. We’re not flashing back and learning more about a character, or flashing forward and continuing their story. We are seeing all new ones created right in front of us. Without Jack, Kate or Ben. It’s a lot to take in.

Some random thoughts about the episode:

  • Angela Chase’s dad as the hardnosed lawyer who wants to take Aaron away from Kate? (Fine, that’s from the preview for next week, but still.) Blasphemy!
  • This was a good break from self-preserving, in-love-with-Kate, sarcasm-spewing Sawyer, which was getting a bit one-dimensional for my taste towards the end of last season and in last week’s episodes. It was classic, toned down Sawyer, and he had the best line of the night, as new blonde Other asks Faraday about time travel: “You told her??”
  • Anyone feel like they are dividing the loyalties of Those Who Left the Island among Ben and Widmore? I know Desmond isn’t an Oceanic 6, but I feel l like they’re lining him up to be working with Widmore (more on that below), and we already know Sun is. Jack and Sayid are with Ben. Where will Hurley and Kate land?
I’m not one for theories. I barely read them, and I’m not sure I’ve ever had one – I prefer to trust the writers and creators to take me where I need to go with this story – but I just got a feeling last night about the impossibly blue-eyed, possibly dead Charlotte. There’s something there between her and the Charles Widmore-funded coma (for lack of a better word) patient.

“She’s not here right now,” said comatose girl’s sister. So, her consciousness is where exactly? Are we really supposed to think that Daniel Faraday fell in love with some girl, convinced her to participate in his experiments that involve transporting rat brains through time, just to heartlessly abandon her penniless and comatose and go off on adventures. They haven’t been building up his character as a nervous softy to throw that one at us.

I can’t believe I’m about to write this sentence, but: What if during these experiments, he “lost” her somewhere in time and this whole time he’s been searching for her, and she somehow is Charlotte, about to move times again and that’s what’s going on with the bloody nose thing? Yes, I realize she has a different body. I haven’t figured that part out yet.

Okay, that is enough mind-boggling for the day. Moving on. Final 'Lost' thought for the day:
Dear Desmond,

You are a moron. I have never been more mad at a television character, and this includes when Lorelai cheated on Luke. You go straight to the man who has proved he’s absolutely moral-free when it comes to island-seeking, whose own daughter is afraid of what he’s capable of, and tell him who you’re looking for? That’s great that you didn’t answer any of his questions. That’s great that you half-heartedly tried to tell Penny that you weren’t going to follow any more clues. Fact of the matter is that you are now headed – wife and son in tow – to an address that was given to you by Charles Widmore.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Nice sunglasses though.


PS: Thank you for naming your adorably curly haired child Charlie. That is really nice.


Trevor said...

I can't believe that Mother Farraday is going to turn out to be the creepy White Haired woman from the jewelry store and that weird comsogeorgraphical temple in the previous episode.

I mean, that woman is just straight-up creepy.

Jezka said...

You are wrong about Sawyer's best line. It actually was when he said to Locke and Juliet, "I hate to break up this 'I'm an Other, You're an Other' reunion...."

Drunkface kindof looks like Felicity too.

Why were Desmond's "disguises" what Bono wears?

Alissa said...

So I only recently caught up watching all of Lost. And now that I'm caught up, my boyfriend has been sharing all his theories with me. One of which is: could Desmond and Penny's baby Charlie be the Charlie that we know? Take that baby back to 1977 and if something happened to his parents and he had to be adopted by some loving English couple that already had an older boy...