January 12, 2009

Coming up Golden

The Golden Globes went down last night at the Beverly Hilton in sunny Beverly Hills, California. For better or worse, Globes have become a legitimate precursor to the Oscars – at least as far as buzz goes. Of course, with the Golden Globes, you are relying on 90 international journalists to cast their votes (There are closer to 6,000 Academy members) so the results can sometimes seem a bit…skewed.

Questionable category: What is the point of awarding best supporting actor/actress for a television series, miniseries or TV movie? Neil Patrick Harris for amazing comedic work week-in and week-out as Barney in How I Met Your Mother versus Tom Wilkinson as Benjamin Franklin in an HBO movie? Talk about apples and oranges.

Notable absences: James Franco, Sean Penn, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Will Smith, Frances McDormand. Also, it seemed like a lot of celebrity couples were missing their other halves: Susan Sarandon was there, but Tim Robbins wasn’t. Tom Cruise was there, but Katie Holmes wasn’t. Darren Aronoksy was there, but Rachel Weisz wasn’t. Also, are David Duchovny and Tea Leoni not separated anymore? Because, great.

Wow, You’re Actually Kind of Adorable Award: Colin Farrell? I’m as shocked about this as you are.

Let’s Tone This Down Award: Renee Zelwegger - That hair. Those sleeves. That expression. You used to be so normal looking.

Tacky Joke Award: Helloooo Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks - I am not sure jokes at the expense of someone's sobriety are all that funny. (I wasn’t all that offended by Sasha Baron Cohen’s joke about Madonna divorcing Guy Ritchie to cut her staff expenses – and I liked how he handled the response.)

Where’s the Love?: No nominations for 'Lost'? Not showing anyone but Steve Carrell and Rainn Wilson from The Office? They were all there (except apparently John Krasinski?). Come on!

There’s not too much else to say. Danny Strong has apparently become somewhat legitimate (You’re always legit to me, Doyle.). The show moved pretty quickly, and it was definitely the year of white/nude dresses:


Anonymous said...

on that note, time to see In Bruges

Joe said...

Seriously, no comment on Drew Barrymore? Homegirl looked bad.

heather w. said...

katie was closing her show on broadway last night, that is why she was not with tom... although she was catching a flight back to la asap to show her support at the after parties... i don't have excuses for the rest of them though... (i watched a lot of the view last week while i was still home on vacation... can you tell)

alissa said...

john krasinski was on the red carpet. yum. he's just so tall and floppy of hair.

Laura said...

Doyle really? Not Jonathan?