January 5, 2009

Count the syllables.

Trevor & I saw four movies in the theater this weekend, and (if I’m going to start the new year off at work right), I just won’t be able to do full reviews for each. So, I present to you Oscar Movie Haikus:

Thirty years – what’s changed?
James Franco stares out windows.
Penn deserves Oscar.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Grounded fantasy
Three hours short. Cate Blanchett
Is too beautiful.


Frustratingly vague
Over done by Meryl Streep
Just not very good


Known story feels fresh
Play adaptation done right.
Langhella could win.


Imagined Therefore Limitless said...

i was surprised by how much i enjoyed frost/nixon. j and i saw it and both left the theater surprised that two hours had passed. plus, watching oliver platt play bob zelnick (my all-time favorite prof at BU) is priceless.

Trevor said...

Great poetry. A bit harsh on Doubt. I'm beginning to think I liked Frost/Nixon and Doubt the same.