January 5, 2009

A final word on 2008

Before we jump full force into 2009 (I’m talking to you, Man of the Month), I’d like to provide a little closure on the year 2008. Here is some of what went down:

I learned some important lessons (Don’t be afraid to apologize. Don’t wear red scarves – their remnants will haunt you for weeks). After (what seemed like) years of hemming and hawing and stress dreams and trips to the bathroom to cry, I said goodbye to TT and moved onto a new position at an advertising agency. And, perhaps best of all, I didn’t do any wedding planning.

I said goodbye to friends as they left Boston for bigger, better adventures...

...and welcomed back some very dear ones from adventures of their own.

I spent too much time in Las Vegas, and not enough time in Prague. We made our first trip to Ireland, and another one to Colorado. We celebrated my mom’s 60th in Hawaii, and our first anniversary in Provincetown. I spent a few rapid-fire days in San Francisco, and even got back to camp for a few hours.

I rode roller coasters on both sides of the country...

and celebrated my sister’s 28th birthday by doing Irish Car Bombs with her boyfriend’s mom. Then, I celebrated my 26th with some themed-drinks of my own.

I cried as the Lakers lost to the Celtics in the NBA finals, then I cried the good kind of tears at something actually important - the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States.

Pop-cultureways, I tried – and gave up on – 'Dexter,' 'John from Cincinnati' and 'Lipstick Jungle,' and added 'Mad Men,' 'Gossip Girl' and 'Greek' to my Must See TV Roster.

I read some amazing books...

...and scratched my head through a few too:

I obsessed over The National, listening to The Boxer and Alligator over 200 times each. I put Consolers of the Lonely by The Raconteurs on repeat and walked through Needham, and relentlessly used Elliott Yamin and spoof songs about the Lakers to cheer me up.

Oh, 2008. You weren’t quite epic, but you were certainly a year to remember. Bring it '09!


Jezka said...

Lessons reinforced in 2008:

1) Snuffy nests are a cure all.
2) Truth or dare can be a great bonding moment between friends.
3) Dance parties can be very fun.

Nic said...

You look a bit like Blake Lively in that roller coaster(?) pic with Jessica!

Lindsay said...

Oh, that pic makes me so sad! I miss you, but I love the 2008 recap.