January 20, 2009

The one thing Apple does wrong

The search functionality on iTunes could not be worse.

When looking for a song titled “The Wrestler”, which is performed by one “Bruce Springsteen”, should there really be no search results when you type in “The Wrestler Bruce Springsteen”? This has proven a problem in the past, as I’ve searched for some classic Blink-182 songs (don’t judge me). I’m sorry, but, really – who knows about that dash in between Blink and 182? I’m not sure that should be a requirement to find ‘Adam’s Song,’ okay? This is less of a problem on YouTube:

The only thing that’s possibly less functional within iTunes is that inane invention, Genius, which proved so useless I had to disable after just a week. It was supposedly designed to recommend songs and artists that you would like based on what you were listening to, but it didn’t A) Take into account the rest of your library (So you'd be recommended songs by the same artist that you already own - even ones on the same album), or B) Move along with your playlist (So unless you went in a physically highlighted a different song, you'd have the same information constantly). Useless.

Whoops – I guess that was 2 things Apple does wrong.