January 28, 2009

Consider yourself warned.

Don’t turn on your TV on Thursday night looking for a new episode of 'The Office.' This week’s episode is airing on Sunday after the Super Bowl. Annoying.

Initially, this spot was reserved for the premiere of a new Office spinoff, and would have ostensibly been hoping to capitalize on the huge number of viewers carrying over from the Super Bowl. But, now The Office spinoff is no-more, having evolved into the upcoming Amy Poehler sitcom. So, now, instead of airing a very popular TV show on its very popular night, before a show that needs the lead-in, they are asking me to stay up way past 11PM, for an hour-long episode, after I’ve probably already been sitting in front of the TV for 4 hours [drinking beer]? At least it looks hilarious (obviously):

Mostly, I wonder why it can’t be on on both Thursday AND on Sunday with new episodes. Okay? Thanks.