January 22, 2009

So many questions

This post is going to be about 'Lost'. Consider it one giant spoiler if you’re anywhere behind last night’s 2-hour season premiere. Got that? SPOILER ALERT.

Okay. These are clearly just the beginning of the questions, but here we go (screen caps courtesy of lost-media.com):
  • Are they trying to make Sun potentially evil? Like, she probably isn’t, but they’re going to give her borderline sketchy lines so we don’t really know? How much does she blame Jack for Jin’s death?
  • When do we get Charles Whitmore's back story? Why do I still feel like he's Caleb from The OC?
  • Is anyone else annoyed by the eye makeup future (or is it now current?) Kate wears? We get it – eyeliner means she’s not on the island anymore, but I feel like it makes her eyes look swollen, as if she’s been crying for the last three years of her life.
  • Doesn’t it seem like they have really turned up the musical score over the last 2 seasons? It’s like we’re constantly being reminded how dramatic everything is.
  • Is Miles the son of the main Darma Initiative guy (from all the videos)?
  • Why has nothing bad happened to Kate since being off the island?
  • Why (Whyyyy) on earth would they cast the Aaron Burr/Got Milk guy as the annoying castaway who we mysteriously have never seen before?
  • Say Sawyer gets a shirt (heaven forbid) from their camp on the beach if/when that reappears. Will it disappear when they move times?
  • Is Desmond “special” because he kind of landed on the island of his own volition? But do we even believe that? (It’s awfully coincidental that he would go off on a boat trip to prove to Whitmore that he’s worthy of the love of his daughter, only to land on the island that Whitmore himself is searching for – and if 'Lost' has taught us anything, isn’t it that there’s no such thing as a coincidence?). Did the island pull him in? Does the island want Whitmore to come back? (Yes, *back* – that’s one of my very few theories,)
  • Why doesn’t Walt have to go back to the island?
  • Why do Hurley’s parents have such awful hair?
  • After everything that he put her through, would Kate really have a picture of Jack and Aaron on display in her house?
I think that's enough for now. I know you have more - What did I miss?

For the record, all these questions have nothing to do with my enjoyment of this show. I am good with there being questions – that’s what keeps me watching. Also, I feel like there will be some fan backlash on this upcoming season’s reliance on time travel, but I’m also good with this as a plot arc. I think they need ways to keep everything fresh, and this is the new mystery, just like The Others were originally, and then Desmond, and then the future, etc. I am so glad it's back.