January 14, 2009

Things that hurt my head

With the help of my sister and Entertainment Weekly, the mystery of my Ralph Fiennes/Liam Neeson brain block has been solved (You see, I’ve never seen ‘Schindler’s List’. And while I’m 100% sure that it is a spectacularly made film, I’m not sure I ever will, because, well, I cry at dog food commercials.). Don't worry, I’ve got 2 more:

I can never remember Alan Rickman’s name. I stare at him, and I know that he’s Snape, and I know that he’s not Jeremy Irons and I’m pretty sure he’s not Gary Oldman (Somewhere in Iowa, Mandy, my childhood friend obsessed with all things British and villainous, is ashamed of me.), but when I try to come up with a name, I inevitably land on “Alan Ruck”. For those playing along at home, Alan Ruck was the panic-prone Cameron in ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,’ as well as someone kind of significant on ‘Spin City’ if I remember correctly.

Also – Tim Roth. I constantly think he’s John Turturro. They both have a penchant for working with the same directors: For Tim Roth, it’s Quentin Tarantino – they’ve done 3 movies together. For John Turturro, it’s the Coen Brothers (4) and Spike Lee (9!). For some reason, I find this very confusing.


Nic said...

You picked very good picture to highlight how these actors really look like doubles!