January 6, 2009

Man of the Month: January

I’m clearly more of a pop person than a politics one, but the relevance of what’s about to go down in Washington cannot be ignored. Barack Obama is January’s Man of the Month.

As President, the demands will be huge: Fix the economy and end the war. As Man of the Month, I have just one demand: Do your best. As President, he will rub elbows with the leaders of the free world. As Man of the Month, he joins the illustrious company of previous title-holders, including Paul Rudd, Joshua Jackson and Taye Diggs. As President, he will be ridiculed mercilessly by late night talk show hosts, looking for errors in every action. As Man of the Month, I will choose flattering photos to pepper the blog with, and, just as I did with James Franco, overlook any missteps in my (one-month long) blind devotion.

There you have it: If he’s going to be president, he can probably live up to the title of Man of the Month as well.

On a more serious note, to say that I’m excited about the dawn of the Obama era would be a little bit of an understatement. It’s not just that he can put a sentence together. It’s not just that he stands more to the left than most mainstream politicians. And it’s not just that his beliefs happen to coincide (for the most part) with my own. It’s the fact that he’s committed to bringing this country together, regardless of political leanings, religious credo and personal convictions, to be a productive member of the global village we all now live in. And that I believe he can actually do it.

I have this wonderfully hopeful feeling about the United States under such a president – and it’s more powerful than any giggly butterflies previous Men of the Month have given me (no offense, guys).

And away we go!


Anonymous said...

They said no one could ever win Man of the Month with the middle name of "Hussein."

Then again, there was Paul "Osama bin" Rudd.

meredith said...

As one of the many reasons that Obama is the perfect man of the month, you could include that he's arriving to Washington by train!!!