March 13, 2009

He's got my back.

When I was growing up, my family had the Best Dog in the World. Murphy, a cocker spaniel who slept in my bed every night, sure had some quirks – he was impossible to walk, had no idea how to play with a tennis ball, and howled when left alone – but what lovable family pet doesn’t? He brought out the quirky in me too – until I was too old to admit, I would insist that Murphy was my future husband. But of all the things I’m grateful to Murphy for, perhaps the most unexpected is this week’s resolution of a long-standing joke argument between Trevor and I.

You see, unless I’m having the best hair day ever, when I return home after work, along with my contacts being removed, and, most of the time, pajama pants being put on (yes, at 6:30PM), I put my hair up like this:

Despite the fact that Trevor & I have lived together for 4 years, meaning it's happened approximately 832 times, this action consistently garners the same reaction from him: Eyeroll + “Yuuuuup, there it goes.” Typically, I respond with a loving remark along the lines of “Shut up! You have no idea how hard it is having this much hair!”

But this week, I received the She’s-Always-Done-This-Let-It-Go backup I’ve needed, from the always loyal Murphy (By “received” I mean “noticed,” being as this photo has sat on my dresser for the last 3 years):

I realize the quality of the photo makes it look like 1967, but this is actually photographic proof from approximately 1997. Or, as I like to call it: Vindication!


readerbean said...

I hear you girl - 6:30PM, contacts out, hair up, and pj bottoms on unless I'm hitting up the gym. In addition, it's pretty much standard that during the colder months my red sox hoodie goes on as well! It's tough being a girl....

My Irish is Up said...

Best Dog Ever is right. You two were always so cute together. (Was our house really that full of clutter?)

Jezka said...

This photo is like almost one of my family photos becuase I am so familiar with it. :)