March 18, 2009

Movie Review: Burn After Reading

I’ve been a movie review slacker. Since the Oscars, we haven’t been to the theater (but hopefully will hit up ‘I Love You Man’ this weekend), but we’ve been pretty busy on Netflix. We’ve started watching Season 1 of ‘The Wire,’ and several weeks ago now, we watched ‘Burn After Reading’.

Like with most Coen Brothers films, I have a feeling that if I see this a second and third time, I will like it infinitely more (the exception being ‘Big Lewbowski’ which I liked instantly – even if I was 10 years late in seeing it.). As is, I found 'Burn After Reading' mildly amusing, but also troubling. Troubling because I was put off by George Clooney.

Now, the guy’s played some pretty unlikable characters in his day (I mean, let’s be honest – Doug Ross himself was pretty unlikable for most of his character arc) so it’s not that (Though, this character certainly was unlikable – and they made sure we knew that by giving him the ridiculous gold chain necklace.).:

I’m pretty sure the problem actually lies here:

And here:

Does this face look familiar? Because it should:

'O Brother Where Art Thou'
How about giving the eyebrows a rest for a while, George? Because a world where I'm sick of you isn't a world I want to live in.

Oh, the rest of the movie? Meh. 7 Twix bars!