March 18, 2009

TV nuggets

I’m not going to wax on long about ‘American Idol’ since guest commentary is pending; I just want to say a word about pools, and how they lead to such emotional conflict. Take Anoop, for example. I have him getting kicked off this week, because of how far he fell in the judges’ esteem last week with ‘Beat It,’ and because I just wasn’t sure how Grand Ole Opry would translate on him. But I love him, and the judges were right – his performance last night was among the best. Conflict, I tell you.

So you can keep me honest, here are my official AI pool predictions, as submitted yesterday (The person listed with each corresponding week marks the person I’m predicting gets kicked off):
  • Week 11: Anoop
  • Week 10: Megan Joy
  • Week 9: Michael
  • Week 8: Scott
  • Week 7: Allison
  • Week 6: Matt
  • Week 5: Alexis
  • Week 4: Kris
  • Week 3: Lil
  • Runner Up: Danny
  • Winner: Adam
Dare I say Alexis and Lil are really in danger after last night? But I’m confident that if either of them gets booted by the popular vote, the judges will save them. According to our pool rules, that will give us the chance to rearrange out predictions. One week in? Yeesh.

In other television news – the CW had me wait 6 weeks for a new ‘Gossip Girl’ for that crap? (Note to show’s writers: Chuck is best when interacting with people we know. Weird high class hooker with out a heart of gold? Not so much.) It feels like 6 weeks since the last ‘Lost’ even if it just missed last week. Looking forward to seeing what Paul Giamatti’s doppelganger has in store for the (Um, major spoiler alert!) newly returned Oceanic 6.