March 2, 2009

Man of the Month: March

Ever since Ashton Kutcher came on the scene (and I was annoyed because I thought he looked too much like Josh Hartnett and I didn’t see the point), our “relationship” has been a series of Hm-That’s-Unexpected moments that all add up to – that’s right! – Man of the Month. To be honest, I didn’t see this one coming. Special credit to Trevor for pointing out the crush that was right there staring me in the face.

See, I started following Mr. Demi Moore on Twitter last week (@aplusk), and, well, I’m kind of addicted – Could it be love? (He posted throughout the Oscars, including at the party that his wife threw, where he got his hands on Penelope Cruz's Oscar. I find something strangely adorable about this.)

He's earned this title. A rundown of the other unexpecteds that got us here:
  • During the heyday of ‘That 70s Show,’ I read that he had been, like, a biochemistry major at the University of Iowa before becoming an actor. I love crap like that. Like how Lisa Kudrow went to Vassar – would you ever expect that?
  • Wilmer Valderamma, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson (who, sure, is a Scientologist, but the non-threatening, Beck kind) own a restaurant together. Aw. Furthermore, ‘That 70s Show’ was on for 8 years, with an ensemble cast of largely 20-somethings, none of whom protested their salary, got arrested, or was reported as being in some feud or another with a fellow cast member. I find this completely refreshing.
  • ‘Punk’d’ was a brilliant idea, and is kind of to thank for my love of Justin Timberlake. I never gave JT the time of day until his guitar got broken – and he was so upset he called his mom – on the prank-celebrities show.

  • He’s an assistant football coach at some LA high school, solely because he likes the sport and always wanted to coach. He interviewed for the job, attended football practice five times a week and everything.
  • He married Demi Moore. Let’s be honest – no one saw that coming.