March 5, 2009

Where's the Gossip?

Seriously. Is ‘Gossip Girl’ even ON anymore? I can’t remember the last episode I saw (that awful one, where Chuck is piecing together his night and Blaire is trying to exact revenge on that teacher? Ugh.)! It skipped February sweeps altogether and more than once I’ve had a mini-panic attack that I somehow missed the season finale. Anyone else feeling the void?

I had to dig around quite a bit, but it appears new episodes are back on beginning March 16. In the meantime, I will sustain myself by totally inappropriately visiting to watch (and probably rewatch) this interview with the adorably British Ed Westwick, who plays Chuck Bass.


Nic said...

Uhhhh, YEAH! I was also paranoid at first that I missed episodes. My tivo was slightly insulted at my lack of trust. But since I only watch preschool programming on Noggin on live tv, I am extremely codependent on tivo and our dual tuner.

In the mean time, I exhausted my dvd birthday gift of season 1 of 30 Rock and now started watching season 2 via netflix, YAY! Also, I secretly lust after Rob Morrow on Numb3rs, shhhhhh!!! (OK, not so secretly)