March 25, 2009

Oh the places our minds go.

Last night, as we discussed the Lance Armstrong news, Trevor said, “I hate Lance Armstrong for the same reason I hate Tiger Woods. They’re both the only people anyone cares about in that sport.” I disagreed – why would you play Tiger like that? – and said that I could name at least 7 other golfers (I said that I couldn’t name a single other cyclist, but that’s a lie – I just like to not think about Floyd Landis and the shame he brought upon New England.). Trevor said: ‘So, name 7 golfers.’

Now, I know he didn’t mean to insult/challenge me, but I was on the instant defensive. The only name I could think of was Vijay Singh. My grandfather would have been so disappointed! Then I started panicking. ‘Ashley. Focus. If you can’t name 7 golfers, think about another sport you don’t care about. Name 7 quarterbacks. You can do this.’ My mind was a total blank – complete white out. ‘Name 7 pitchers, anything!’ This is when I realized I just do not respond well under “pressure” and/or to direct questions. While feeling attacked, I could not even recite the names of 7 Major League Baseball pitchers to myself.

I eventually let it go and went to sleep, but this morning on the bus I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I whipped out my iPod and made the following note:

  1. Sergio Garcia
  2. Vijay Singh
  3. Fred Couples
  4. Davis Love III
  5. Phil Mickelson
  6. Michelle Wie
  7. Lorena Ochoa
So there! Yes, I may have slightly blurred the line by diving into the LPGA, but as far as I’m concerned, I have fully redeemed myself. I can even think of 7 quarterbacks, without even needing to curse Brett Favre for retiring: Tom Brady, Ben Rothlisberger, Carson Palmer, Kurt Warner, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning and Jay Cutler. PHEW.


Trevor said...
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Trevor said...

WOW, Davis Love III. Unless you contacted a local barber to get these names, I am impressed!