March 10, 2009

A special announcement

For the last three years, my dear friend/confidante/trashy TV co-conspirator Jessica has been entertaining the steadily growing masses with her American Idol commentary. She diligently follows up each performance show with whatever is called for – be that haikus, fashion commentary or a good ol’ fashioned rant about how stupidly unfair Simon was.

With the Top 13 kicking off tonight, I’m pleased to announce that Jessica will officially be syndicated here on Rockin’ to the Gentle Beat (R2GB?) for Day After commentary. Welcome her warmly, read her loyally, and, most importantly, if you disagree with her, make sure to send the mean comments directly to her at

Yours in AI spirit,


Trevor said...

I don't know if I can trust the AI insights of a former Soul Patrol member.

Just kidding ... can't wait to hear what you thought of that rendition of "Rockin' Robin"

Jezka said...

Dear Trevor--

How dare you associate me with the gray-haired mutant that reminds me of my drunken uncle doing karaoke at a wedding!

Love, Jessica